This is one of those YouTube made me buy it skin care products. Everyone was posting photos on Snapchat of them wearing it and people couldn’t stop talking about it in their skincare routines or favourites.

For those of you who haven’t heard anything about what this strange looking product is, basically it is a treatment for acne spots. It contains a clear liquid at the top and a thick pink sediment that settles at the bottom. Although it looks funky, Mario Badescu is a well known high-quality skin care brand and many other brands have now copied this super successful product. Since I don’t battle with acne in large areas all over my face, but instead random spots here and there, I thought this may be a perfect lifesaver for my skincare needs.

People had told stories about how they put it on a spot before they went to bed and in the morning the spot was gone! Sounds like a miracle worker to me. All you have to do is at the end of your night skincare routine grab a q-tip and dip it down into the pink sediment, then place it on any pimples or areas where you feel one is coming to the surface.

Onto my experience with it:

At first, I wasn’t impressed at all with the drying lotion. I had put some on before I went to bed and by the morning it had rubbed off my spots leaving them looking exactly the same as they were the night before. I knew this was caused by me rolling around in my sleep and not the product soaking into my skin because I’m pretty sure it isn’t meant to do that, it should just sit on top of your skin until you wipe it off.

I didn’t want to give up on it though so I kept using it and I found it wasn’t good at settling down bigger pimples that were already quite developed.

Then one night I felt a pimple coming up in between my eyebrows and I jumped at the opportunity to test it out on a newcomer. I was amazed! By the morning there was nothing there! It had successfully stopped an unwanted pimple from coming up. I was so shocked you couldn’t even see that there was once a pimple trying to poke through!

Now I use it for any new pimples appearing on my face at night but for pimples that have been around for longer, I stick to my Benzac AC cream. Also, it isn’t super effective on bigger more aggressive spots for me, it does help but I find I need to use both the Drying Lotion and the Benzac AC cream. You can’t put this on any broken skin either so if you have recently popped one you shouldn’t put this on.

I would definitely recommend this if you want a quick fix for those pesky spots. I have heard stories of it working for people with severe acne so I would still try it out if you are suffering! I just know for my skin it only works on newer smaller spots.

The Mario Badescu Drying Lotion (as well as their other skin care products) can be bought from Mecca. The Drying Lotion is around $24. The bottle will last you ages too.

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P.S. Do NOT shake the bottle!!!! The two substances inside need to stay separate for you to use it properly.

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